Dominant Species, quite a game!

First play was great, looking forward to another round of Dominant Species

Had to oppotunity to play Dominant Species for the first time last night. Joel, Kris, and Dave came over with Joel brining the game and handling the instruction for us noobs. One of the few times all of us have been able to play together outside of our usual haunt over at Fair Game.

Wow, what a game. There is a lot more there going on than the simple topic, inter-species battle for survival, would suggest.  The game initially seems to focus on an intricate worker placement mechanic but also relies on on-board tile placement. There is a lot of conflict in the game (I mean c’mon survival of the fittest!) so be ready for that. I definitely enjoyed it an *almost* P500 ordered the coming reprinting from GMT. Maybe I’ll go do that now . . . currently priced at $52. Hmmmm . . .

It didn’t hurt my enjoyment that I ended up winning the game (rub, rub) with my Mammals squeaking past Dave’s amphibians 155 to 151. Kris’ Reptiles scored 142 and Joel’s Reptiles ended with 123.

Very interesting game and much unlike anything I’ve played although Joel tells me it has many familiar eurogame mechanics.

Looking forward to the next play!