• The Devil’s Cauldron – 1500 9/19/1944

    The Devil’s Cauldron – 1500 9/19/1944

    Our The Devil’s Cauldron campaign game carries on. The 82nd is on the move for the 1500 and 1700 turn of 9/19/1944. We’ve divorced ourselves from our colleagues on the Where Eagles Dare map. Things were looking so grim for the Allies we had to end the game or find a solution to keep it […]

  • Where Eagles Dare – Breakout Scenario

    Where Eagles Dare – Breakout Scenario

    Still cleaning out some old gaming photos. Here are some shots from a fan made scenario for Where Eagles Dare. “This is the Wide Part” focuses just on the XXX Corps Breakout. I played the scenario in April 2014. It is a nice one-mapper that adapts the existing rules for the Campaign Scenario. It isn’t […]

  • Empire of the Sun – Set up to play

    Empire of the Sun – Set up to play

    My progression on Empire of the Sun carries on. Rulebook partially read, counters punched, and campaign game set up to play. I hoped to run through the Example of Play last night. I found its detail lacking though and more than a bit hard to follow if one doesn’t know the rules. I need to invest […]

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