• XXX Corps Breakout – Where Eagles Dare

    XXX Corps Breakout – Where Eagles Dare

    I make no secret of my love for Market Garden games and GTS in particular. For my money, Where Eagles Dare is the best so far. And in that game, the initial breakout by XXX Corps is a thrilling scenario. Someone over on BGG turned that event into a single-mapper scenario and posted it. I […]

  • GenCon 2013

    GenCon 2013

    Yes, is is a flashback. In honor of my pending trip to GenCon later this week, I am now (finally) posting some pics from past attendance. Looking forward to another great year. GenCon 2013 – Click image to enter gallery 2448 Nice Mr. Incredible outfit 2448 Eclipse 2448 Fightin’ robots! 2448 A new game named […]

  • Celles: The Ardennes –

    Celles: The Ardennes –

    I picked up Celles from Revolution Games the other day. The game had a good reputation already for its low entry price, innovative play, and small footprint. A recent surge in Facebook postings on the game and the designers appearance on the I’ve Been Diced podcast put me over the line on purchasing. It is a […]

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