• Making Plans for Hell’s Hiighway

    Making Plans for Hell’s Hiighway

    I have a VASSAL game of the Hell’s Highway scenario from Where Eagles Dare coming up. I’m working to top off this orders doc that I adapted from an earlier post. Lots of map studying examination of unit capabilities. Looking froward to running the 101st AB and protecting Club Route!

  • Storming Gold – Strategy Guide and Landing SOP

    Storming Gold – Strategy Guide and Landing SOP

      I developed a Storming Gold strategy guide and Landing SOP teaching video. Storming Gold is the first Introductory Scenario, and first beach landing scenario, from the excellent The Greatest Day: Sword, Juno, Gold Beaches. Consider this a follow-on to my Black Baron guide. I would love to have your feedback on its usefulness and […]

  • War of the Ring CE

    War of the Ring CE

    I played War the Ring over the weekend with my buddy Keith. This is a game I’ve waited to get to the table for some time. Actually, I played it once maybe 3-4 years ago but have hardly any recollection of it other than it happened and, somehow, I won. Keith was kind enough to open […]

  • labyrinth cover

    Labyrinth – Jihadists for the Win!

    Played another game of Labyrinth as the Jihadists with my buddy Keith, playing the Americans, over two sessions on VASSAL. While some fortuitous cards really lowered his Prestige for a bit I couldn’t put him away early on. In the second session, I just about had Central Asia pulled over to the Islamist State category but he […]

  • Storming Gold – The Greatest Day

    Storming Gold – The Greatest Day

    This is the second time I’ve set up this scenario from The Greatest Day. Determined to give it a go again solo, but last time I gave up. I think I was worn out just thinking about it. I’d rather set up the physical versions of GTS games like I’ve done here. However the complexity […]

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